Pronunciation: Met-AH-morph-EYE

Translation: Elemental shape shifters

Common/ preffered prey: Vampires, Wraiths, Reapers (Male Mata), Ravens (Female Meta)

Native tongue: Metami

Native dialect: Symbolic

Best known ability:
Males: The use of Shape and form to change into another creature and seem to become that, eg, if turned int a wolf they will look, act, and some times feel like the real thing

Females: Manipulation of both energy and matter, turning energy into matter but also matter into energy, they can not only use the matter or others and object but their own unstable matter that allows males to shape shift the female will sometimes use to create powerful but real illusions if threatened. (like the males the females can shape shift just as well but are not so well known for it)

Side effects cause by the best known and most common ability:
Males: anger management issues due to unsturdieness of form, terrible mood swings (high one moment while depressed the next), over use of instincts (leading to over hunting of prey and a grow in enemies)

Females: exhaustion, loss of control over form, ruptured energy surges, blurred vision, dizzy spells and sometimes invisibility and loss of aura

Other abilities: Control over most elements, fast learners (they only need to see an attack once to know how to use it, maybe not correctly but still able to use it) extreme eye sight, sense of smell, hearing and touch, (depending on the form but in most cases it's not relevant), multi tracked minds, (able to think about twenty different subjects at once at the very most) fast minds, high and sometimes extreme speeds (needed for hunting their usual prey other wise they'd starve) fatal venom that is adjustable of strength at will, good actors and bleinding in with other races,

Venom Abilities: can be used to create Hybrids (turn another creature into a Metamorphi eg, venomous vampires can bite a human turning them vampire as well) can be used to heal other members of that race, used as a tranquilizer, a poison in drinks/ food (anything devoured), a toxin in the blood stream, and a seal mark. (it all depends on who and how the Metamorphi is using that venom and how they set it in their system before they inject or expel it from their body)

Extra/ interesting under the Abilities section: each have their own special ability that comes from their own blood/ family line, Females are limited in which males are not whilst males are limited where females are not, twins run in most families (to do with breed balence and careful rearing of children and marrage) some have secondary powers that they have specificaly gone out and learnt of their own accord, one may know an ability never taught to the Metamorphi.

Common appearence: depends on the individual (what the true/ birth form is, their parents true, birth form, their spirit form, and their common form (most comfortable form for them))

Royals/ heads of the race: These are the beings that rule over but also protect the others of the race. It is their duty to se that none of their race comes to any harm but to also lead them into the right direction and to keep them civilized and teach control over animal instincts. The highest of these is the royal family who even in them selves have a pecking order, the King and Queen at the top followed by who ever it is that is next in line for their thrones and so on.

It is more often that the one out of the King and Queen that was born into the royal family that has a bit of a higher and more forceful demand. The royal family are bound together by a crest and a soul (which takes the form of a pendant) the head of the race being the keeper of them. In the royal families pecking order comes a standing where if one of the higher ranks in the family orders you to do something, you have to do it, or it could mean your life.

This order is to keep respect in ranks in place and is only used when it's needed. Once the order is placed on that other Metamorphi's soul they have to carry it through until the mark of the order is release, if they dont follow through with their order their soul is either ripped from their body or becomes servant to the one that made the order. This could even happen to those who have just become part of a wolf pack and been told to do something by the alpha wolf.

It is also often that the King make a link to all his nobel blood lines and atatches them to his own abilities to make himself far more stronger than everyone else by using the power of is people all at once just in himself, getting rid of an enemy is far more efficiant but also has an attitude side effect of arrogance.

Not all of the ruling heads have ever been "King and Queen" some of them have been in fact "Lord and Queen" King and Lady" "King and Countess" and so on and so forth. This is because of the nobility side of the family, some of the Nobel families only have one last heir and then they get married into the royal family, their title becomes higher but not to a Royal standard but rather to honor the family they come from as recognition for being the last heir to them but also to say that they are still under their partner in the royal family to give them honor also in their bond.

Written By: Danzy007

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