Fawna De'Kage Ultimainum

∆Name: Queen Fawna De'Kage Ultimainum
∆Nick-name/s: Fawn (Short for Fawna) Guardian angel (because of what my true form in like) Animal (shape shifting abilities)
∆Age: Unknown
∆Race: Metamorphi (meaning shape shiting creatire)
∆Father: Lord Callum De'Kage
∆Mother: Queen Mythayla Ultimainum
∆Brother/ (s): Prince Matthaius Nomed De'Kage Ultimainum, Rah LaRose
∆Son/ (s): Mitchy White Ultimainum (Deceased and 1st born) Lucipher Ultimainum (3rd born)
∆Daughter/ (s): Selena Ultimainum (2nd born)
∆Husbnd: King Sion DeChardin (father of her 2nd 3rd born)
∆Niece/ (s): Kitsana Ultimainum
∆Nephew/ (s): Itachi Ultimainum

∆Hight: 6ft (human and true/ birth form)
∆Weight: 60Kg (human form) 1Kg (True form (built for flight and speeds of great magnitude))

∆ Main rank/s: Guardian of Water, Queen of the Metamorphi

∆ Castle Shrouded in Shadows: Royal of Honor
∆ The Worriers of the old: Lady of Honor
∆ Celestial Moon Empire: Guardian of water
∆ Kingdom of Hell: OutCast
∆ Lycan pack of Honor: Beta Female
∆ Lycan Refuge: Leader of respect & Guardian
∆ Midmoon Wolf pack: Beta Female
∆ Mount Olympus: Guardian of Water
∆ Primitiver Lycan: Beta Female
∆ The Luna wolf pack: Lady of Honor
∆ Nights Wing Kingdom: Queen
∆ The Darktree Clan: Allie/ Guardian of water.

∆Common Form: Is a white wolf that has a chocolate brown stripe down the spine of the fur and black tipped ears.
∆Hight: 110.5cm (from the top of the shoulder blade)
∆Weight: unknown
∆Body build: sleek, built for speed. muscles are thin but still visible under my fur from certain angels.

∆Spirit Form: Is a small white dove, roughly the size of a black bird. (only goes into this form if she is dead or dying)

∆True/ Brith form:
∆Hair: Long and wavey with natural ringlet curls stopping at the back of her knees
∆Eyes: Are deep set and change colour with her mood (this will be RPed)
∆Skin Tone: Olive tan
∆Body Shape: has the body shape of a classical dancer making Fawna elegant when she moves. She has two large angel like wings and a wolf tail.
∆Casual/ fighting clothes: Mage like robe with long flowwing sleves and a long rim touching the ground covering her feet.
∆Formal clothing: A long white gown with a strap on the right shoulder and a long flowing sleve down her left arm. the gown flows to the ground covering her feet. She also has a silk black strap  floor length dress with medium high cleverage and a soft blush pink floor length strapless dress that she wears from time to time
∆Casual clothing: a black crop top with sandy coloured baggy cargo pants, and dark coloured runners.
∆Training clothing: A blood red tank top with black cargo pants, a cargo belt, old runners and a imperial purple hair tie

∆Markings/ Tattoos/ and main scars:
∆    Fawna's Birth-mark: This is located in her left eye and sines gold when she lets it become visible to others (the mark is a 5 point star with each point connected by a thin delicate line)
∆    Fawna's tattoo: This is a self inflicted tattoo in the same shape as her birth mark, it changes colour with her mood as her eyes do when it is uncovered
∆    Royal's mark: This is a mark inside of Fawna's mark in her left eye, it looks like a silver 3 point crown
∆    Mark of Ultimainum: what looks to be a burn mark on her collar bone is the mark of a pendant called "The soul of Ultimainum" it's a one of a kind amulet that holds the souls of the past rulers that have died of the Metamorphi that were of the royal Ultimainum blood line.
∆    Death's Link; a chain mark around her right wrist that was burnt there after she struck a deal with a powerful demi god, It's black and is a chain pattern but only shows when she wants it to. This mark bends her will to that of the Demi god's when he wishes to use her power
∆    Moon mark: From getting a new friend who thought she could do with the power of the sacred moon wolves pack. The mark is silver and located on her left cheek, only shows when she wants it to or when she is using the sacred power called moon beams.

∆Weponary: colects a variety of knives, daggers and other various blades. she is in possesion of over 100 stolen cursed swords and keeps them in a secret safe on a refuge that is not well known of. One of her most Prized is a wand called "Sanctus Unda" (Meaning Holy water in Latin) It's silver with a saphire rune on the end, its the weapon that gives her her guardianship over water. Her blood is also one of her most deadly wepons. It's highly toxic and cursed, also has a nausiating scent causing blindness migranes and nose bleeds is exposed to it for too long (deadly even to vampires who may try and drink it)

∆Personality: Fawna was born a leader but keeps quiet most of the time only letting her self be noticed when she needs to be. She can be very shy around others, especialy when she meets them for the first time. She quite often demands respect hardly ever forgetting to return it. She is also protective of her friends.

∆Metamotphi History: All documents of this clan have been distroyed with the rest of the clan. All that anyone knows of the Metamorphi is that they were around for millions of years and have the ability to change forms to any creature, animal or thing they desire as it is second nature to them. the last known living Metamorphi left is Fawna and a few slee remaining of the "Allience of the bloods" (A great Allience formed with small strong covens and clans that made useful and good friends to the hunted kingdom and clan).

More documents have been recently found on the Metamorphi's history and why they were hunted to extinction. The Metamorphi are skilled hunters and use Vampires and or Wraiths as their main source of food or drink, this is something they cant not help as it is in their nature to hunt those two races for their food. They are also highly venomus and not something to mess with when the fangs come out. They had hidden sources on their race in the walls of many castles of the kingdoms that were once their allies

∆Personal History: Fawna remembers the night she as born, both perants and her twin brother dead before her eyes in the night of a storm. Her uncle managed to get her away from the enemies trying to kill her after killing her family. 6 weeks later another raid was made on the kingdom with more attackers from the "Shadow guards" (A large group of allied armys that wished for the Allience of the bloods to be distroyed so they could rule the earth) Fawna then saw her uncle, and  brave trainner be killed before her as her vampire nurse ran off taking Fawna with her.

After the escape The nurse as hunted also after finding a coven of her own kind and realising they were the enemy. Fawna managed to escape by changing into the form of a fly and hiding in a large bush before getting away as they searched for her.

She soon encountered a vampire prince and got into a fight with him when she was still only a toddler. she won the fight only barely getting away with most of her left leg badly wounded, this gave her a limp for the rest of her life as she couldn't heal it all the way proparly or drain all of the poisons in it.

Thousands of years later she found a black phoenix chick and rasied it calling it Nomed (Demon backwards) this phoenix is hardly ever seen with Fawna but it belongs to her; Just like the Colt she purchased and it raising in secret in a dark forest no one knows of. The phoenix and the Colt are Fawna's only true companions between lives and the only things she owns that arn't weponry or some form of thing.

Fawna still travels from territory to territory helping out her good friends with domestic issues, and wars. Fawna has recently been captured by a Demon called 'Dante Drakensire' who now rules over her soul until she can find a way to break free from the spell, although this doesn't stop her going around form clan to clan to help her friends she still runs errands for them and hides form those who despise her species.

Fawan was traded off from Dante to the creator of the elements (Amethyst Silvermoon) who quite instantly set her free from being a servant letting her get back to her now ill adopted daughter, but now that she is free more problems arose, she went into heat and will stay so in over three centuries unless she gets her self pregnant, but things are different, it would have been harder on her had not her bother come to tell her he was alive! Fawna was surprised by this to the point she wanted to Kill Nomed but she quickly forgave him as he explained everything to her soon after. Fawna also managed to kill off the one who had left the toxic scar on her and aquire the blade to get rid of it but will she survive after she gets rid of it?

Fawna is now being fought over by several men who desire to have her as their own, being in heat is making it all the more difficult for her to even choose who she wants to be with, especialy after one of them had been holding on to a sword for her for so many years, a surprise gift from her mother but in the end only two males really stand out, will she end up with Sion the Shadow beast or Chaos the master reaper when she is still cursed and unstable? and Who is this new wraith that keeps following her around?

The curse has been lifted off Fawna and she is now engaged to Sion the shadow beast. But in the past months she has also had two children with him, (Selena Ultimainum & Lucipher Ultimainum) and found out her father is indeed alive who was there by her side while the two pups were being born. Fawna has just found out that her cousin is alive and ruling over a kingdom on another planet keeping the relic race alive, but there is war in the realms... how will it end, who will live and who will die?

Fawna has matured more and has made plenty of new friend to help support her through on her quest to regain her family grounds, and others who have not been so helpful, she made a foolish deal with an evil demi god and became a member of the moon beam wolves by pure accident. Fawna has been busy looking after her new born's and trying to strike a deal with Madame Ishtar, a demon fox who happens to be the mother of the Demon fox brothers to set them free once again from their own mothers clutches, but she also works on a far more drastic plan... she wants to bring her mother's soul form her own so she can be purely herself again, but will it work, or will she die?

Mythayla breathes again and walks the lands, Nomed is now engaged and has a pregnant Ishtar wanting his attention from his new fiancee due to his one night stand with her, Fawna is having a stressful time getting her kingdom up and running but she has finally reclaimed her family realm and started to patch it up. But her friends are also in danger and there is an instant threat to her kingdom, will things pull through smoothly? time will tell and the fates will have what they want

The birth of both Nomed's Kits has been announced and the two pups are already a danger to the rest of the family being treated like animals because they were born illiterate and lusty. Fawna has no respect for these two but still will not treat them in an ill manner because they are her family. Being with Azles much of her time she has had her soul healed twice and repaired to become something she should have been a long time ago, she is now whole, not quite prefect but free to grow with ut any pain. Fawna has also been given the Nights Wind Kingdom after the retirement of the former princess who could not handel the stress of running the lands, knowing Fawna could cope she now leads the "people" there, helping them to a better brighter future all the while raising her two young children Lucipher and Selena, teaching them the ways of tradition, and honor.
Written By: Danzy007


Raphalous Addailion

Name:  Raphalous Addailion

Alias: Raph

Age: 5,000

Age Apears: 20

Alignment: To the Metamorphi race

Race: Metamorphi x Vampire x Elf x Lycan x Human

Job: Bar tender

Military Rank: Black Ops Captain



Colour: Caramel coloured

Length: Shortish

Style: Neatly clipped

Eyes Colour: Amber

Skin: Fair

Height: 6'2

Weight: 100kg

Physical build: Much like that of a life saver

Dominate hand: Left

Weapons: Darts and flick knives ((most of which are poisonous or out of the ordinary))

Armor & Clothing: Hidden bullet proof vest under a baggy white shirt with a pair of black pants, polished black shoes, a loose tie and usualy an apron. ((at work)) Every other time he wears dark grey mage like attire with the golden Metamorphi emblem on the right collarbone. In private wears a crown he inherited when a relative died just before he was born.

Other Gear: Alcohol and other such drugs

Character Abilities: Some shape shifting, basic shadow manipulation, basic magic, mercury elements, poison, drunking

Magic: Very basic mage magic, posion magic

Personality: Usualy kind and smart, but piss him off and you might not be welcome at that bar again, he enjoyed giving drinks on the house especialy to people he knows or likes the look of. He also enjoys being mysterious and dealing with the Black market just for the thrill of it.

History: Being born the 6 times great grandson of prince Grey of the Metamorphi clan he often is given respect and alot of crap from others and always has since he was a kid, it wasn't until he started working in the bars and brining in the drinks "Black" and "Blue" ((Black being Wraith blood and Blue being Vampire blood)) it was then he ran into Fawna and traced his family line back to find out he was in fact related to her, since before then he had no relatives to have fun or hang out with. He was an only child and hated by the other clans fore being such a "mutt blood".
Written By: Danzy007

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